Mini Arboretum “Eco-Oasis”

The Eco-Oasis is a private non-profit Mini Arboretum exhibiting typical Slovenian undulating landscape in miniature while featuring unconventional garden design and variety of plant species organised by the principles of sustainability, “permaculture”, ecology and plant conservation.

The garden, situated in the residential district of Ljubljana close to the historical City centre, shows different approach to the small size atrium design by taking into consideration limited space, strict spatial planning and architectural demands often put upon private house owners in the confined urban settlements.

In spite of rather limited size the mini arboretum offers an important refuge for sub-urban wildlife – Fish (carps), Amphibians (frogs and toads), Insects (dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, etc.), many Birds and even some small Mammals. Also, it shows which plants (mainly shrubs and trees) are thriving in certain local growing conditions and specifically adjusted microclimate. Each plant cultivars and its growing site were carefully selected. The plants are accurately trimmed on a regular basis to achieve visual effects, perspectives and visual axes, enlarged space, and colour combinations in all seasons.

Also, the Eco-Oasis features sustainable way of gardening and managing. In the garden principles of composting, ecological removal of pests and bio-fertilizing are applied as well as precipitation gathering for watering of plants. In the building substantial isolation was introduced, glass surfaces and openings in the Southern facade were designed for maximal use of sunlight, the solar energy is used for household water heating, and use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling is planned. It is also planned that even the electricity used for nocturnal illumination will in future be produced from solar PV panels. Thus as a whole, the mini arboretum Eco-Oasis with conservatory and building is set to serve as an eco-house demonstrating sustainability, ecological principles, rational use of energy, renewable energy technologies, and innovative design.